Dark Claw

Bojan Basovic aka  Dark Claw life and music Biography

I was born on February 1 in Podgorica, I began to play music by listening to music, and this in the beginning of the 90s and when I was 10, 12 years I listened to dance from our space and side and as I grew older it went later on trance, I was at the beginning of the group Faithless, Darude and others, later Dj Dash Berlin and Marcus Schulz, after that I began to come to a radio called Timb, and there he was a regular guest and I meet a friend of Djs that after a couple of years after listening, I decided to deal with work from the beginning of spring this year and since then I have received a proposal that my sets will be on my radio time out to date, And yet, another place has given me a place gave up another radio called DHLC and after a couple of months of playing on a timeout, so far every single radio is released by every single set and I am satisfied, because just when I started making sets my fame grew more and more and the audience everything is happier and happier, because they like everything I do.

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